About Us

Michelin Post launched in January of 2014 as a blog that posted reviews of the best restaurants and things to do locally. There were no Michelin Star restaurants in the Greater Philadelphia area and so we sought to highlight those that might deserve such an accreditation. With the explosion of daily deal sites offering a mixed bag of local deals and discounted invitations Michelin Post saw an opportunity in the area to help promote these restaurants in much the same way. Michelin Post’s website was  born, and since there is such a strong small business environment in the greater Philadelphia area we see a great opportunity for all types of businesses and customers. We have a very simple strategy – post great promotions for our subscribers while offering an efficient, and effective marketing tool for businesses.  Fine-Dining-Milos-2-11.jpg

The online community is currently oversaturated with “daily deal/promotion sites” but our expertise has allowed us to develop an innovative approach and strategy that adds value for both our customers businesses and subscribers.

Here are a few of our differences..

Better for the Business – There are positives and negatives to being a small business. The negative is we don’t have billions of dollars in funding (let along thousands) to market and ‘buy’ our subscribers. The positive is we don’t have the overhead that other companies have – that allows us to offer better terms for the businesses that deal with us. Our philosophy is to ensure our business partners are happy in hopes that they will continue to do business with us.

Social Media – The large sites have it – but don’t focus on it. The local sites don’t have it. We know that social media is the most effective tool in marketing to the perfect demographic. We plan on offering giveaways, promoting the Posts, providing coupons and interacting with our social media crowd!

The Local Business Feel – Blog posts about what we’re up to, venturing into the support of local charities and fundraisers and starting profitable relationships with other small businesses – it’s what we’re about.

No Revenue Share!!– We realize that not all businesses can discount there products/services by 50% and then split the revenue with the marketing company and so our merchants have a choice. They can choose to pay a nominal monthly fee and keep 100% of the net revenue they generate instead of the more traditional route most deal sites use, this allows merchants to create a more exciting promotion and pass on the savings if they choose.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 4.10.31 PMWith daily deal sites helping businesses promote everyday, we aren’t in the business of knocking our competitors (heck we refer businesses to Groupon or LivingSocial every now and then and work with them). We are just looking to post great promotions for our subscribers while offering an efficient, and effective marketing tool for businesses.