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Advertising Opportunities (NO REVENUE SHARE!!)

Michelin Post helps really great local businesses find and retain more customers. By using us as a strategic business marketing partner, and creating online promotions that deliver real-world results.

By utilizing the multiple channels we have to offer you can reach a range of targeted audiences, we can make sure that you’re not just finding more customers, you’re finding the right ones. Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 4.10.31 PM

Expose your business to thousands of local residents every month Here are a few of the benefits of using our program:

Efficient! For a low monthly fee you can reach a targeted local audience who will prepay for an experience at your business

Trackable! Merchants receive an account that enables them to view all purchases, mark vouchers redeemed and even track spending of the customers.

Exclusive! Each voucher is only available for as long as you keep it posted. This ensures that users will not keep buying the same voucher.

Offer anything you’d like! Choose if you’d like to target a specific product, offer a small percentage or promote a specific event. You do not need to offer a 50% discount, the typical offer is between 40%-70% – the choice is yours. You keep All the REVENUE!!

Reach local customers! With thousands of subscribers we can help you reach local residents who are looking for new places to try and great experiences.

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